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Animated Character Voices: SkillsPEI Explainer

What I’m probably most proud of on this gig is that I cut both of these voices together “live”, i.e. at the same time in order to best capture the energy between these two misfits. I’ve always been a massive fan of voice greats like Mel Blanc and Harry Shearer who routinely make voicing several characters at once seem simple. This was my first time trying to do a real live back and forth between two distinctively different characters and I’m happy to say that the client was thrilled with the results.

I LOVE doing character voices. I always have so I jumped at the chance to audition for the gig of voicing these two characters “Ring” and “Echo” for the talented team at IllustrateIt and I’m very proud to finally be able to show you this video!


New Voice Over Site and Character Demo

voice over
Now that I’ve added a second agency, it’s time to get a bit more serious about this voice over thing. Deciding it would be best to focus the Wordsushi site on my main gig, writing, I’ve spun off the landing page for my voiceover work to:¬†mynvoiceover.com.¬†

I also wanted to begin posting some of the new voices I’m working on and random demo stuff, so a new blog dedicated completely to voiceover, and voice over work seemed to be the right answer.

So, pop on over to my new VO site and definitely check out my new character voice compilation below and let me know what you think!

And of course, if you need a voice over let me know… of if you know someone who does or books VO gigs, definitely send ‘em my way.


Interview with Movie Trailer King, Don LaFontaine


I got to know Don a little bit, not much, before he died but he did give me some amazing advice that will stick with me forever. I had to go back and find this interview and repost it here on Wordsushi because I really loved this guy’s talent and damn, what a voice!

Listen as Don LaFontaine tells of the divine accident that led to him becoming one of the most recognized voice over guys in the history of voice over. I’m glad to say I got to work with him and his voice will forever remind me of the Number One with a Bullet trailer… and those Geico commercials.

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