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Wordsushi (Volume 1) is Here… and it’s FREE!

Call it a digital magazine. Call it another crazy MYN mindproduct! Wordsushi (Volume 1) is packed, PACKED, with content. 101 pages of content enhanced with audio and video. Articles, rants, fiction, humor and more. Plus 33 pages of MAUI CONFIDENTIAL, my “best of” Hawaii’s own Valley Isle! Best of all, it’s totally FREE! 

Wordsushi (Volume 1) is available for iBooks (167mb download): 


Or for any tablet, smartphone or your desktop as a PDF (100mb download) at the Issuu Newsstand: 


or you can snag the PDF directly from my site:



PCH 2012: Episode 4 – “Cybil Shepard’s Granny Panties”


Yes, Mike owns them… find out how he got his hands on them… Also, we take on the whole state of Mississippi… or at least the ones who seem to have no clue. We talk about our ideas for coffee table books. Mark rants about the death of the Middle Class and we read and epic and longass email about music from Terrence.

All this and much, much more… 1 hour 45 minutes of entertainment for just 99 cents!

Plus a new song!

PCH 2012: Episode 4 – "Cybil Shepard's Granny Panties"

PCH 2012 – Episode 2 – Mike Plays With Dolls

Yes, Mike discusses how much he loves his dolls and how his bro-crush on Steve Jobs remains unfulfilled in the wake of having his order cancelled for the Apple founder’s doll. Don’t fret Hellwayers and Hellwayettes, Mike has plenty of other dolls that I believe he does unspeakable things to when nobody is watching… and leaves the evidence for the maid to clean up. Later, things turn to the “nerdiverse” and the ironic way that nerd-ism has become it’s own version of high school.

Plus, Mark goes off on a rant about the Oscars and Hollywood and once again we debut a brand new song entitlted “Meth Teeth Ain’t Pretty” from our forthcoming EP, “Cruelhouse Rock”.

And a special blast from the PCH past… over 90 minutes of insanity for your tender ears!

Listen to the 5-minute free preview now


or just download the entire episode for only 99 cents! 

PCH 2012: Episode 2 – "Mike Plays With Dolls"

PCH 2012: Episode 1 – “Women” (free preview)

The brand new season of PCH is here! Today, Mark and Mike talk about their favorite topic: WOMEN… the fairer sex gets placed under the PCH microscope as the boys talk about what they like, don’t like and there’s even talk of a “telethon” for some of you dames out there.

But first we launch the show with the global debut of a BRAND NEW SONG from our forthcoming album, “Cruelhouse Rock.” Oh, and remember that news story about Vivid Video offering a million dollar deal to that British woman born with two vaginas? Well, Mark goes off on a rant about that… and trust me, you won’t want to miss it.

We are back with our funniest (and possibly most offensive) show EVER in the over 500+ episode history of this ridiculous thing… and at about 90 minutes, it’s well worth your 99 cents, you cheap bastards! If you don’t believe me, check out this free preview of episode 1

PCH 2012: Episode 1 – "Women"

If You Want PCH Back For Another Season…

…you will do as we say…

We had an amazing time recording this past season’s episodes. I think they’re by far the funniest episodes of PCH ever. I know a number of you have requested we come back for another season. We’d like to, but we need something from you first…a reasonable response to a request.

PCH is free and will always be free to listen to. I think it’s some of the best free comedy content out there. We’d like to continue to provide this free comedy podcast to you, but we need to know you care.

Just as we laid out in the PCH season finale, all we ask is that you buy a copy of PISSED OFF: Is Better Than Being Pissed On… the PCH rants book. Sure, you may have heard some or all of the rants from this season including the ones about Child Beauty Pageants, Autoerotic Asphyxiation, Competitive Eating, Dog Sweaters and more…PISSED OFF contains all of the EXTENDED versions of those rants plus a couple of exclusive ones that are only in the book.

PISSED OFF is only 99 cents and is available for KINDLE or NOOK  or iBOOKS. Don’t have an ebook reader like a Kindle or Nook? No worries. You don’t actually need a Kindle or Nook to read my ebooks! Plus, you can always send a copy as a gift.

All we’re looking for is a reasonable response from the audience to know that providing all of this kickass free entertainment is worth the serious amount of time and resources that go into it. Enough people buy the book and we come back. If not, then, well… so long and thanks for all the fish.

We’ve done our part. Now it’s up to you, the audience.  if you want PCH back for another season, first you’re going to have to get PISSED OFF.