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Your Crash Course on Making Videos Like a Pro

101 Steps to Making Videos Like a Pro


Start here. This short and easy to follow guide is your crash course to making videos. After talking to many aspiring video creators, C.C. Chapman and I have created a simple blueprint to help guide you through the process of planning, shooting and editing your video, as well as what’s involved with getting your videos online and promoting your videos through social media. Just follow our 101 simple steps from start to finish and you can quickly learn how you can make videos like a pro.

Far beyond merely being transformative and disruptive, video on the web has become a kinetic force of nature – hugely influential due to the tremendous level of engagement and response it generates–far more powerful than any other current form of media. Because most Internet video can be enjoyed and shared through practically every smartphone, tablet and laptop on planet Earth, it has the potential to cast a global spell at the speed of electrons. That is some serious mojo.

After years of talking about doing a book like this, and finally growing sick and tired of all the bad advice out there, we’ve finally pooled our years of knowledge to pass it on to aspiring video makers like you. We even tapped a few of our expert video creator and marketing friends like Scott Monty, Ann Handley, Steve Garfield, Mitch Joel, Casey Neistat and Lynnette Young for the kind of valuable pro tips that are only gleaned from decades of experience in the trenches. We have been in your shoes. It’s because someone laid out a breadcrumb trail for us to follow down our own paths for success that we feel inspired to break down the process of making videos into a simple blueprint you can follow to plan, shoot, edit, upload and market your video like a pro. 

101 STEPS TO MAKING VIDEOS LIKE A PRO is available in Paperback and as an ebook exclusively on Amazon


The Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff “Secret Societies of Hollywood” Supercut

If you missed “Secret Societies of Hollywood” on E!, here is the MYN SSoH Supercut for your viewing pleasure. There’s one little sound effect they threw in there that just kills me every time. It was a real honor and pleasure to be part of this fast-paced docu-mentertainmet-ary of what goes on behind the scenes in Hollywood and to talk about the sometimes-crazy world behind my book, “Where’s My F*cking Latte”.


Welcome to Mindproduct – A Free Digital Magazine for Flipboard

IMG_2035The modern digital magazine takes “lean forward” content created for the web and transforms it back into the “lean back” experience we grew up with thanks to traditional media. Perhaps, that’s why I’m enamored with it.

That’s why I’m happy to tell you about MINDPRODUCT, my new digital magazine for Flipboard. Thought-provoking and evocative, Mindproduct will not be your father’s mag.

What Flipboard has done with their latest update allows me to showcase content I’ve created and curated in a digital magazine format that is accessible for iPhone, iPad and Android. You can get and read Mindproduct on your smartphone or tablet anywhere and I know a lot of you are already users.

Best of all, I can do it in a way that is easy to use, simple to navigate and is constantly evolving. All you have to do is subscribe once and you’ll be receiving all new Mindproduct content as it happens. 

FlipboardCoverI have some really cool ideas in mind for Mindproduct, and along with my own stuff I will be featuring work by amazing artists that you may or may not have heard of before. In the first pages of Mindproduct, you’ll see Blake Morgan’s new music video for his single, “Water, Water, Everywhere” from his upcoming album, Diamonds in the Dark. Coming soon will be some very funny stuff from my pal Brian Dunn that I know you’ll really dig. I think it will be a lot of fun to watch the evolution of this digital magazine as it happens.

Did I mention that it’s FREE?

So? What are you waiting for? CLICK HERE to get your FREE Mindproduct digital magazine for Flipboard. And if you don’t have Flipboard installed on your iPhone, iPad or Android device, you can get that for free, too! Android app on Google Play - iOS app for iPhone and iPad




Wordsushi (Volume 1) is Here… and it’s FREE!

Call it a digital magazine. Call it another crazy MYN mindproduct! Wordsushi (Volume 1) is packed, PACKED, with content. 101 pages of content enhanced with audio and video. Articles, rants, fiction, humor and more. Plus 33 pages of MAUI CONFIDENTIAL, my “best of” Hawaii’s own Valley Isle! Best of all, it’s totally FREE! 

Wordsushi (Volume 1) is available for iBooks (167mb download): 


Or for any tablet, smartphone or your desktop as a PDF (100mb download) at the Issuu Newsstand: 


or you can snag the PDF directly from my site:



My Interview with WOCM 98.1 FM – Bulldog and the Rude Awakening Show about TEARING DOWN THE WALL

Rolling out of bed at 6am to do an interview with the other side of the country is always a fun way to start a Friday morning. It’s always fun being on Bulldog’s show at WOCM. Stoked we could do it again to talk about TEARING DOWN THE WALL.

Plus, what do you think about his idea of doing the same for “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”? Hmmm?

Or click here to download the mp3. 


Tearing Down The Wall – Launch Day Interviews

Three really great interviews I did for the release of TEARING DOWN THE WALL came out on the same day the book launched. I wanted to share them with you because they’re all very entertaining.

Here’s a podcast interview I did with J.C. Hutchins. Being a very talented writer himself, it was cool to get into some of how the things I found impacted the narrative behind what’s going on in The Wall. 


C.C. Chapman takes a break from his busy schedule to grill me on what TEARING DOWN THE WALL is all about along with being an indie author in this new age of publishing.


And last, but certainly not least. Here I am rocking the radio live with Crash Davis over at KFAB during evening drive.


Tearing Down The Wall is available at:

Also available for: