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Wordsushi (Volume 1) is Here… and it’s FREE!

Call it a digital magazine. Call it another crazy MYN mindproduct! Wordsushi (Volume 1) is packed, PACKED, with content. 101 pages of content enhanced with audio and video. Articles, rants, fiction, humor and more. Plus 33 pages of MAUI CONFIDENTIAL, my “best of” Hawaii’s own Valley Isle! Best of all, it’s totally FREE! 

Wordsushi (Volume 1) is available for iBooks (167mb download): 


Or for any tablet, smartphone or your desktop as a PDF (100mb download) at the Issuu Newsstand: 


or you can snag the PDF directly from my site:



Links to Songs from THE WALL on YouTube


Full Album - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jBv5MDhLwj4

CD 1:

In The Flesh? (0:00http://youtu.be/Yo7HCOc4V04
The Thin Ice (3:20http://youtu.be/zMJDmE3KWW8
Another Brick In The Wall (Part I) (5:57http://youtu.be/kwpDAdksnmA
The Happiest Days Of Our Lives (9:09http://youtu.be/5SD0SwaSyLg
Another Brick In The Wall (Part II) (11:00http://youtu.be/8bhlyOkZq9E
Mother (14:59http://youtu.be/qXj8xB1yukc
Goodbye Blue Sky (20:34http://youtu.be/isfQtbWbr7M
Empty Spaces (23:21http://youtu.be/8Z2_u8ZxCsQ
Young Lust (25:29http://youtu.be/I9J3LE4Ii-8
One Of My Turns (28:59http://youtu.be/dcUvsbjrxrg
Don’t Leave Me Now (32:36http://youtu.be/ZNguUlSfFK8
Another Brick In The Wall (Part III) (36:52http://youtu.be/ghoVrDgZYhk
Goodbye Cruel World (38:04http://youtu.be/1WoMVBEiYe0

CD 2:

Hey You (39:21http://youtu.be/KWoV3pj8NmM
Is There Anybody Out There? (44:01http://youtu.be/rBsv8ebJAQk
Nobody Home (46:43http://youtu.be/LhYI2MBsYyg
Vera (50:06http://youtu.be/u7dr1mfjmi8
Bring The Boys Back Home (51:39http://youtu.be/mtvqwCZJn_A
Comfortably Numb (53:06http://youtu.be/ao-RYcFmsTw
The Show Must Go On (59:28http://youtu.be/YjA96xLkcbQ
In The Flesh (1:01:05http://youtu.be/1tdv0oy3aSA
Run Like Hell (1:05:21http://youtu.be/gNCLIoq80rg
Waiting For The Worms (1:09:45http://youtu.be/2XsGgGx1y-A
Stop (1:13:42http://youtu.be/th6idcsjgMA
The Trial (1:14:13http://youtu.be/HFMU8i25YTc
Outside The Wall (1:19:32http://youtu.be/MSw2RlZJxFo

Now, if you want to know what it all REALLY means, you’ll have to pick up a copy of my book: “TEARING DOWN THE WALL: A Contemporary Guide to Decoding Pink Floyd – The Wall One Brick at a Time” (coming Nov. 14th)


And Now for Something Completely Different…

I’m excited about creating some new, free-to-download audio and video content this fall. I have a bunch of cool ideas for stuff including maybe (maybe…) a serialized cutting-edge fiction audiobook of some sort, but I’ve decided that I’m not going to distribute it via podcast, blog or rss feed.

At the beginning of the summer I contemplated podcasting on the KoPoint network, but I’ve since had a bit of an epiphany and have changed my new media plans. My core full-time business of writing and publishing books has been growing over the last 12 months and it’s become more important than ever to devote my resources to helping enable that growth to continue. One of the best ways I can make that happen is by making sure that my content creation efforts are targeted toward generating opportunites for that growth to continue. I think KoPoint will rock, but I have a few new and somewhat crazy ideas how to put some exclusive free and awesome indie content in the hands of those who will dig it and because I don’t think anyone has tried to do what I’m currently contemplating, I just have to give it a shot.

Trust me… it’s pretty cool. And I will tell you more about it in two weeks!


ADMIT YOU HATE YOURSELF on the Kindle Bestseller list for “Self-Esteem”

The first day it officially goes on sale for $1.99, I’m happy to see ADMIT YOU HATE YOURSELF on the Kindle bestseller list in the category of “Self Esteem!” (It had previously hit #2 on the list for “FREE” books this past Tuesday, but now it hits on the more important “paid books” list!)


I’m proud to say this means every single non-fiction book I’ve ever released has hit it’s category bestseller list at some point.