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INFINITY Free at Amazon, One Day Only!

 ONE DAY ONLY! Wednesday February 15th! INFINITY will be FREE on Amazon. 

For 24 hours starting at 12:01 PST on 2/15, CLICK HERE to snag a FREE copy of INFINITY, my brand new supernatural thriller about a demon hunter who becomes the hunted when an unstoppable assassin from Hell comes to earth on a mission to kill.

INFINITY is the biggest and most badass novel I’ve ever written. It took me three years to complete and I even enlisted the help of an editor who has worked with Stephen King and Isaac Asimov to really make one incredibly cool, pulse-pounding thriller.

Normally, INFINITY will be priced at a very affordable $2.99, but with Amazon’s help, Glenneyre Press is giving it away for one day so I can put this book in YOUR HANDS because I know once you read it, you’re going to love it and want to tell your friends about it. That’s how confident I am that this book, the characters, the writing and all the mythology about demons will rock your world.

I want you to to read INFINITY and I want you to talk about it. If you support my craft, grab a free download and if you like the book, buy a copy for a friend and talk about it online.

But you only have one day to get INFINITY for free! Go grab it!

Earth is Heaven for Demons…

According to the prophet Ranajee, demons live among us in human form. They exploit man’s vulnerability to place everyday people in a condition of suffering that exists right here on Earth. As more demons enter our world, this condition will never end until all of humankind is enslaved.

Ranajee, however is the pen name of a mysterious and seemingly ageless leader of a cult of demon hunters known as the Church of Infinity. It is their chosen task to eradicate, with extreme prejudice, those who endeavor each day to hasten the end of mankind.

And when Ranajee gets his hands on a powerful artifact that could allow him to breach the borders of Hell, an unstoppable demon assassin is sent to wipe out all the members of the Church of Infinity once and for all.

Now one last surviving demon hunter must escape from prison and go on the run. With the help of a conspiracy-theorist punker named Rachel, he goes on a search to track down this artifact in order to trade it for his life and save the human world from certain doom.


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