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How to Get THE CHURCH OF INFINITY Audiobook for FREE at Spookshow.tv

The Church of Infinity on Spookshow.tv

As I gear up for the release of my non-fiction thriller VANISHED BEAUTY in a couple of weeks, I’ve decided to give away the audiobook for my demon hunter novel, THE CHURCH OF INFINITY for free over at Spookshow.TV. Previously published as just “INFINITY”, the newly rebranded THE CHURCH OF INFINITY is the first volume in the complete INFINITY SAGA.

All 13 parts of THE CHURCH OF INFINITY audiobook will be available to download starting on Thursday, April 11, with serialized episodes also being made available to stream directly from the site each week!

Infinity Trio

As part of the rebranding, I’ve rolled both Infinity books, THE CHURCH OF INFINITY and INFINITY RISING into one volume, INFINITY (The Complete Saga). So if you like what you hear, you can get the complete saga collection as an audiobook or an eBook.