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PCH: Riot Season

Get yer pitchforks and torches, bitches! It’s riot season here in the U.S. of A. Finally, Americans getting off their fat, lazy asses and standing up against the total ass reaming the middle class has taken by a government that wants to see the middle class eliminated…. or something like that. Damn, it’s exciting to see American’s own version of Arab Spring… Hey, stick it to them, Occupiers. I believe in capitol punishment, meaning I believe everybody in the Capitol should be punished.

Okay, now that’s off my chest. It’s time to rock some PCH. Mike and I decide to take on this lofty topic with our usual cynical indifference and then we get a visit from Doofy, who may or may not be fixing a roof and then I go apeshit about something that drives me nuts: anonymous internet commenting.

It’s all right here… if you can handle it. It’s NSFW, as if you didn’t know that already.


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“Asshole” by JIM’S BIG EGO

“Ready or Not” by MIKE ERRICO


Why We Love Serial Killers Like Dexter

Dexter sneaks up on his unsuspecting victim. Syringe in hand, he incapacitates them with a powerful sedative. Shortly after awaking hours later, they are bound to a table, mouth gagged, and set to assume the starring role in a ritual sacrifice. Dexter’s knife rises high, clutched tightly in a ten-finger grip. As the blade plunges down, the killer we know is overcome with a wave of peace and clarity. To Dexter, it’s like taking a hit of a drug. For us, the audience, the effect is the same. 

Not only do we thrill in watching Dexter dispatch people with such brutality, we root for him to get away with what he’s done. Our loyalty to his well-being goes far enough for us to care that he doesn’t get caught, even though, beyond any reasonable doubt, we have just witnessed him commit cold-blooded murder.

When it comes to entertainment, why do we love serial killers so much?

The philosopher Heidegger once wrote that when we are aware of death, it transforms us from “existing” to “being.”

Who then is more aware of death than the one who deals it? The one who stares into the eyes of his victims as the light goes out behind them forever. The one who sees us in our most vulnerable and revealing moment as we know that what comes next is the end.

In the most unspeakable of circumstances, with no way to escape, do we beg for our lives or do we go down cursing and spitting? The serial killer knows better than anyone else about what it is that you are made of inside… and not just by removing your entrails.

Serial killers illustrate the power of God. They choose whether you live or you die. Even more accurately, they choose how you die. A serial killer feels he or she is superior and above everyone else. They know the way things should be, despite a world that defies their expectations of existence. When I wrote my serial killer novel, DIARY OF A MADMAN, my intention was to capture the mindset of a cold-blooded, calculating killer who is compelled to murder others because he believes his crusade will make the world a better place.

Ever notice that one hand that believing in yourself being good or just is pride, but on the other hand, believing others aren’t as good as you is a psychosis? A serial killer’s evil is just a factor of perspective and spin.

Leatherface, bad. Dexter, good.

Leatherface is a soulless monster who thirsts for the blood of those who enter his territory. In this regard, he is no different from the great white shark in “Jaws.”

In our eyes, Dexter’s heinous crimes are justified. He is the disinfectant that wipes these scummy people off the face of the earth and away from innocents like us. Because of Dexter, our spouses, children and friends come home safely tonight instead of being tortured to death or buried alive in a shallow grave by a remorseless psychopath. We root for the bad guy who kills other bad guys because we fear that the justice system will fail us.

What about Hannibal Lecter from “Silence of the Lambs?” Not all of his victims were those who have fallen through the cracks of justice. Some were just unlucky enough to pique his desire to kill. Still, we root for Hannibal to succeed in his desire to be free to live his life the way he chooses.

In our eyes, serial killers are cool because they use stealth and cunning to gain an advantage. They are clever and interesting. They use urban camouflage and social engineering to blend in and get close. We associate with fictional serial killers because we often walk that tightrope wire over the abyss of our own sanity. At one point or another, we have contemplated what it would be like to gravely harm or murder someone who has trespassed against us, someone who has caused us a great deal of pain.

Maybe it’s your boss. Maybe it’s that idiot neighbor who purposefully lets his dog shit on your lawn when you’re not looking. Maybe it’s someone of considerable influence whose demise would benefit you or possibly even help shape the kind of world you hope to live in some day.

We have all wished death upon someone in a manner that suggests we would seriously like to see them not only suffer, but be made aware exactly why they are suffering, and in those last agonizing moments of their miserable lives, know that vengeance has been done because they chose the wrong path.

Though nearly all of us will never fall prey to the darkness that compels one to kill, we cannot get enough of the serial killer in modern fiction. But serial killers in real life aren’t superheroes, they’re murderers. And most importantly of all.

They’re just like you and me.


Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff is the bestselling author of “The Killing of Osama Bin Laden.” He is currently developing a sequel to his acclaimed serial killer novel “Diary of a Madman.” His latest book on mayhem and murder, “Killing My Boss” will be available in July.


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Launching a TV Show Like it Was Software

Exactly how did a ragtag bunch of Hollywood up and comers along with the Father of Tabloid Television create and sell a syndicated TV show worth millions in advertising without a studio or network?

Fortunately, I’m not in charge of the business end of MoShow stuff. I can barely balance a checkbook. I’m head scribe and prompter monkey. That’s my gig and I do it well. I’ve probably had a bit more exposure to the business of television than most but there always seems to be something new to learn… and luckily in my position I can do so on the job. We have some very experienced folks on the team but I can tell you that no one any of us know has ever launched a TV show this way before…

Like it was software. Get to market as soon as possible to establish your presence and fine tune as you go along without the pressure of having to be a “hit” right out of the gate.

Normally, with most media properties you work hard and you polish and you repolish and then you put your best foot forward into the maelstrom of having to prove yourself right out of the gate. Most of the time, with books, music, movies as well as TV, a majority of what comes out fails to catch fire. Very few properties get a chance to stick around and ride the long tail.

Our approach is very different. We didn’t partner with a network or studio. We sold the show into syndication ourselves knowing that our first stations would put us in play at a much lower profile than the way these things usually happen. We knew we’d end up on a ton of stations (over 300 in 210 US TV Markets) and a lot of them would be independent, low-power and small digital stations that some people don’t even know they exist.

But we are in play. And a production VP at a major company told me that 300 stations is larger than the launch of Dr. Phil. Sure, I bet his first stations may have been a larger but I’m sticking with that stat in the overall crafting of the “legend” of this show.

We had a decision. We could launch in 2Q of 2011, have more time to set up everything (our website isn’t even up because of various snafus and the holidays) or we could go headfirst into the void and rush two shows to completion to get up and running the first week of January. It’s obviously easier to sell a show that’s already on the air than one that is “soon to be on air” and we were promised some really great time slots so we went with January.

Though only having 2 weeks (during the Holiday Season, no less) between knowing we’re on and our first show hitting the air will prevent us from getting listed in some channel grids, TV guide and will also prevent us from doing any proper promotion–it would seem like a liability to some, we see it as a great opportunity to “beta test” the show. We can make a few mistakes while the show finds its footing and grow an audience the way I would if I were doing an internet show… but with all the benefits of being on TV.

Things are moving fast. Deals are being made. We have a new graphics package coming and a deal in the works with a major production partner to do all of our post work and bring our visuals up to a real “A” level… and we still maintain creative control because we took this approach and own our own show.

In this day and age, there are many different ways to (pardon the expression) skin a cat and even though we may be the first to take this approach, I guarantee you that if we succeed, we certainly won’t be the last.


ODE TO AN ELECTION by Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff


Ode to an Election
by Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff

Yesterday we had an election
And nobody really won
We are a country of individuals
Who cannot agree as one

We believe in our rights
But not those of our neighbors
We think making big changes
Will bring in a savior

But why vote for change
And then resist it
And act kind of strange
When change is insisted

How long will we just sit and watch
As our futures are mortgaged away
Will we look back in tearful regret
On this one decisive day
And say

I thought I did the right thing
By voting with my heart
And not allowing my head
To ruin a brand new start
But the lies they told were like staring into the sun

Yesterday we had an election
And nobody really won


ANGEL OF DEATH – Episode 19 Commentary


Chapter 19… Brother vs. Brother… Listen to the ANGEL OF DEATH FINALE – dropping Oct 31st!

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    ANGEL OF DEATH – Episode 17 Commentary


    Chapter 17… We are ramping up for the big finish! Your comments, some updates on the TV pilot and animated feature and more!

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