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Your Crash Course on Making Videos Like a Pro

101 Steps to Making Videos Like a Pro


Start here. This short and easy to follow guide is your crash course to making videos. After talking to many aspiring video creators, C.C. Chapman and I have created a simple blueprint to help guide you through the process of planning, shooting and editing your video, as well as what’s involved with getting your videos online and promoting your videos through social media. Just follow our 101 simple steps from start to finish and you can quickly learn how you can make videos like a pro.

Far beyond merely being transformative and disruptive, video on the web has become a kinetic force of nature – hugely influential due to the tremendous level of engagement and response it generates–far more powerful than any other current form of media. Because most Internet video can be enjoyed and shared through practically every smartphone, tablet and laptop on planet Earth, it has the potential to cast a global spell at the speed of electrons. That is some serious mojo.

After years of talking about doing a book like this, and finally growing sick and tired of all the bad advice out there, we’ve finally pooled our years of knowledge to pass it on to aspiring video makers like you. We even tapped a few of our expert video creator and marketing friends like Scott Monty, Ann Handley, Steve Garfield, Mitch Joel, Casey Neistat and Lynnette Young for the kind of valuable pro tips that are only gleaned from decades of experience in the trenches. We have been in your shoes. It’s because someone laid out a breadcrumb trail for us to follow down our own paths for success that we feel inspired to break down the process of making videos into a simple blueprint you can follow to plan, shoot, edit, upload and market your video like a pro. 

101 STEPS TO MAKING VIDEOS LIKE A PRO is available in Paperback and as an ebook exclusively on Amazon


Where’s My F****** Latte: Secret Societies of Hollywood on E!

photo (3) copy
WMFL-cover-250If you saw me on E! Entertainment’sSECRET SOCIETIES OF HOLLYWOOD” and you’re interested to know more about the crazy, cruel and often times hilariously awful world of being a Hollywood Assistant, pick up a copy of the book that started it all.

WHERE’S MY F*CKING LATTE is not TMZ, but an extremely candid (and sometimes lurid) collection of anecdotes from personal assistants to Tinseltown’s rich, famous and powerful and why being an assistant in Hollywood is the best “worst” job in the world. Plus, it’s been an Amazon bestseller for over 5 years running!

I’m Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff and I was once a Hollywood Assistant like those brave and tortured assistants in WMFL. I could tell you stories that would blow your mind… and it’s all right here in the pages of WHERE’S MY F*CKING LATTE. 

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So now that you’ve watched ”SECRET SOCIETIES OF HOLLYWOOD“, delve deeper into the world of Hollywood assistants with a copy of WMFL… and let me know what you think about the book!

If you enjoy this kind of thing you should check out my latest book, “SPINNING THE RECORD, Sex, Drugs, Rock Stars, Divas and Untold Tales from the Music Biz”

Spinning The Record - cover




VANISHED BEAUTY: What Really Happened to Robyn Gardner and Tina Watson

Fatal Sunset: Vanished Beauty

A new true crime mystery thriller by Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff

Vanished Beauty cover

Just why did Robyn Gardner’s travel companion purchase a $1.5 million insurance policy and make himself the beneficiary? Did Tina Watson’s husband really insist she increase her life insurance coverage to $1 million before the wedding? When both suspects’ stories are deemed suspicious, what does the evidence ultimately reveal?

VANISHED BEAUTY is an investigative look at the tragic fates of both Robyn Gardner and Tina Watson including the controversial new theories about what really happened on those fateful trips. Fully examine for yourself society’s reaction to these shocking cases allegedly involving human trafficking, kidnapping, insurance scams, fraud and deceit, then decide: when a vacation tragedy turns into suspicions of murder, just who is to blame?

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Diary of a Madman – Listen to Chapter 1 of the Audiobook

DIARY OF A MADMAN is serial killer thriller that is not for the faint of heart. One listen and you’ll understand why. Filled with graphic violence and sex, it’s a tale of darkness and horror that may not only keep you awake at night, but also force you to look at your co-workers in a very different light.

Also, check out the wonderful narration on the Diary of a Madman trailer by the late, great Don LaFontaine.

Get the DIARY OF A MADMAN audiobook:

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Where’s My F*cking Latte – 5 Years and Counting on the Bestseller List!

WMFL - 5 years square banner

Five years ago, I realized Amazon had bestseller lists, which was cool enough, but then when I realized I was on them, that was the coolest. This week, I am very happy to celebrate half a decade on those lists and my greatest achievement as a publisher so far.

Back on January 8, 2008, I was a bit surprised to realize that my crazy little book of Hollywood assistant stories, “Where’s My F*cking Latte” had been sitting on a pair of bestseller lists on Amazon. Five years later, it’s still there near the top having spent nearly all of 2011 and part of 2012 at #1.

In the last five years, “Where’s My F*cking Latte” has withstood competition from all the major publishers and a list of celebrity authors that rivals the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Even the ones that take the top spot for a while fade away, but Latte still remains near the top. I can tell you that in the time that I have been watching these charts no other indie book has come close to the success that Latte has had.

WMFL has definitely paved the way for my other bestselling books and I can report that my other big non-fiction books, “The Killing of Osama Bin Laden”, “Fatal Sunset” and “Tearing Down The Wall” have all been their respective bestseller lists every week since their release. Writing and publishing this book helped me launch my imprint and has helped define its success in the 8 years Glenneyre Press has been in existence. Latte definitely changed my life for the better and I’m thrilled to celebrate 5 amazing years.

Here’s to the next 5!


The Wall by Pink Floyd: What Does it Mean?

The+Wall++high+resolution+pngLast night, I was at a party and someone asked me what “The Wall” was all about? “Fear,” I told him. “It’s about the fears we all feel and how fear can destroy you and the world around you.”

“In a way, it’s a manifesto for understanding that you’re as messed up as everyone else and learning how to get your shit together,” I said. He replied that he had only listened to “The Wall” once and didn’t understand it. I’ve spoken to people who say that whenever they listen to “The Wall,” it depresses them.

That’s exactly the kind of album it is supposed to be. This isn’t the trifling kind of music they make today, where everything is about a beat and everyone’s trying to be way too cool at the nightclub. ”The Wall” confuses you and depresses you because it turns a twisted mirror on you. It touches something in your soul that you don’t even understand because the connections to these very human and primal fears of abandonment, despair and depression are so raw.

That’s why I wrote this book. For years, I’ve been analyzing “The Wall” and taking note of how it utilizes so many different nearly subliminal tricks to create an impression on the listener. Once I began to piece it together and saw it all in context, it completely recalibrated my understanding of how creative masterpieces are constructed and the depth of thought that goes into them.

On the surface, “The Wall” may seem just like a story about a rock star who takes drugs and goes mad. That’s just the facade to draw you in. The real story is buried underneath and, like life, is made up of many layers. What it all means when you really look at it, will blow your mind.

Pick up a copy of TEARING DOWN THE WALL today:


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Check out this FREE PREVIEW of “Tearing Down The Wall: The Contemporary Guide to Decoding Pink Floyd – The Wall One Brick at a Time”


My Interview with WOCM 98.1 FM – Bulldog and the Rude Awakening Show about TEARING DOWN THE WALL

Rolling out of bed at 6am to do an interview with the other side of the country is always a fun way to start a Friday morning. It’s always fun being on Bulldog’s show at WOCM. Stoked we could do it again to talk about TEARING DOWN THE WALL.

Plus, what do you think about his idea of doing the same for “The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway”? Hmmm?

Or click here to download the mp3.