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How INFINITY is Related to My Other Books

INFINITY is a new stand-alone series that is related to several of my previous books, but it is not a direct sequel to any of them. Let me explain INFINITY’s unique and enlightening place in the MYN fiction universe.

Diary of a Madman” is a story about a serial killer who is manipulated by a mysterious stranger. Thematically, it is a story about the loss of identity and the loss of self. Throughout the entire book, which is told in first person, we never even learn the name of our protagonist (which is intentional).

Some of you know that the Shadow Falls books, “Badlands” and “Angel of Death” are tales about a man who discovers that he is in fact, the embodiment of “Death.” If you have either read “Angel of Death” or heard the audio book version, you are probably already familiar with how it directly relates to the ending of “Diary of a Madman.”

Diary/Badlands/Angel of Death make up the heart of what I refer to as The Angel of Death Chronicles (AODC).

Yes, INFINITY is a book that is riddled with AODC references and Easter eggs. No, you do not have to have previously read any of the AODC books to understand what INFINITY is all about. That being said, let me peel back another layer…

Think of the concept of “demons.” What does it mean to you? Who are demons? How do they manipulate people? What is their purpose? What do they want? More importantly, where do they come from? Those voices inside of your head compelling you to do bad things. Are they part of your consciousness? Or did they originate from somewhere else, infecting you and your mind like some kind of parasite?

INFINITY exists in a world where all of those questions are answered. The AODC books exist in a world where all those questions are asked.

In “Badlands” Galan Altos (an anagram for “a lost angel”) is a killer who is haunted by his past and is tormented by the ghosts that follow him. At the end of the book he comes to a startling realization about his true identity. In “Angel of Death” we fast-forward 150 years in time to find that Galen’s consciousness is being manipulated from one life to the next in order to send him down a darkened path of no return. He is a being with no control over his existence. In “Angel of Death” he finally becomes aware of this lack of control and fights to alter the destiny that has been chosen for him by his father. Standing in Galen’s way is his brother, also chosen to assume the mantle of “Death”–with the two brothers fighting to see who will ultimately become Death. Whereas Galen is a being that will only kill for a reason, his brother is a cold-hearted murderer happy to see the streets run red with blood… (and yes, there is a strong Cain and Abel reference in the Shadow Falls books that I blogged about here).

Consider then our titular character from “Diary of a Madman” and how he is manipulated by a stranger named Eddy into choosing other killers as his victims. who is Eddy? Could Eddy in fact, be a demon?

Now, the true relationship between INFINITY and the AODC books can only be revealed once you have read INFINITY and INFINITY Rising, the direct sequel that picks up right where infinity leaves off. all of these books make up a very layered overall universe. The INFINITY books are just the top-most layer of it all.

I will tell you this much. There are things referenced in the infinity books that take place in the as-yet-to-be-written “Diary of a Madman” sequel that have to do with Ian’s past before he became part of this demon-hunting cult known as the Church of Infinity. Also, some of you may recognize passages from “Badlands” that are in a book Ian reads called “Exit the Valley” penned by “Thomas Holt” — the same name used by the Preacher who burns down his own church with his entire congregation inside (as revealed in Badlands). The story behind how Thomas Holt wrote “Exit the Valley” is a part of the Shadow Falls canon that hasn’t been told yet.

So yes, it’s complicated… some may say convoluted, but these three different universes and how they all are essentially concentric circles of one another has been something I’ve been working on for nearly a decade. It’s only now that I’m able to reveal how these puzzle pieces all fit together.


For Halloween: Shadow Falls – The Original Audiodrama

For every light that shines… a SHADOW FALLS…

Happy Halloween. I thought in honor of All Hallow’s Eve Weekend, I’d dig up the original 6 episodes of the Shadow Falls audiodrama. Meet for the first time, the mysterious Galen Altos, who knows not where he is or why he is there… and visit the town that holds a darkness far beyond his control.


SHADOW FALLS – Episode One – Click here to listen

SHADOW FALLS – Episode Two – Click here to listen

SHADOW FALLS – Episode Three – Click here to listen

SHADOW FALLS – Episode Four – Click here to listen

SHADOW FALLS – Episode Five – Click here to listen

SHADOW FALLS – Episode Six – Click here to listen

And of course you can discover more about poor lost Galen Altos and the meanings behind his nightmares in Shadow Falls: Badlands and Shadow Falls: Angel of Death.

  Go Forth and Kick Some Ass



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What is the “Angel of Death Chronicles” Series?

I always imagined the ANGEL OF DEATH CHRONICLES as a trilogy… but not in the sense that it would be made up of three books, but instead as three WORLDS.

Three concentric circles based upon the circle of life of a butterfly:

Larva. Pupa. Butterfly.

Let me tell you of a story about two brothers
Sons of the immortal demonic impulse known as Death
For centuries, groomed to succeed their father
One brother, the Wolf, is the judge of souls
The other, known as the Coyote, thirsts for the blood of the innocent and not so innocent alike
Time and again, across countless lifetimes, the brothers have battled
This is their story

A whole bunch of  years ago, I was hired to write a feature screenplay for a producer of some note. That one action-packed script involving demons and monsters evolved into an entire trilogy and about a year and a half of my life working on this massive project. Long story short (no pun intended) the project stalled right around the time podcasting became my full-time career. I had immersed myself into the idea of demons for so long that I couldn’t stop thinking about them… but this time it was more about the demons inside of us as opposed to the movie-monster kind.

And it was this idea about the unseen forces (and voices) that compel us to do terrible things that became the genesis for Shadow Falls. The original audio-drama was very cryptic on purpose and I ended up being very thankful that circumstances dictated  changing to a novel format because I felt like I could finally fully explore this humongously epic tale that had begun to spin in my head.

So, as I currently see it the three worlds/stages/concentric circles of the ANGEL OF DEATH CHRONICLES are as follows:

Larva: The Shadow Falls series including Shadow Falls: Badlands, Shadow Falls: Angel of Death

Pupa: Diary of a Madman and the as-yet-untitled Diary of a Madman sequel (currently in development for 2012)

Butterfly: I’ve yet to unveil any details yet but there is a finished and polished full-length novel manuscript that for now I will just refer to as “Fallen 8”.

A little crazy? Well, you be the judge. I’ve so far written 4 of the planned 6 books in this series and three of them are currently available for purchase. Stay tuned here for more details and if you want to see how the Larva and Pupa stages interconnect, you gotta read SHADOW FALLS: ANGEL OF DEATH.


Re-doing the Badlands Book Cover… again.

So, not that long ago, I redid the cover for SHADOW FALLS: BADLANDS. Well, yesterday I redid the redo. I was never quite satisfied with the last version and because I was so pleased with the way the SHADOW FALLS: ANGEL OF DEATH book cover came out, I went back to the drawing board and cooked up something that had more consistency with the SF:AOD cover and was more visually interesting. I’ve already uploaded updated versions of the ebooks and covers to Amazon, BN and iBooks so look for the new art to populate there… or if, for whatever reason, you want to have the old cover as a “collector’s” type thing… grab the old version quick!



Get Shadow Falls: Badlands Cheap or FREE!

Diary of a Madman
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To help promote the release of SHADOW FALLS: ANGEL OF DEATH, for a limited time, SHADOW FALLS: BADLANDS is just 99 cents for Kindle and Nook.  As I announced last week, it’s FREE at Apple’s iBookstore. SF: AOD is a sequel to Badlands so even if you heard the original audiobook version, you may want to brush up on your Shadow Falls lore or just, ahem… support the artist… because artists like that kind of thing.

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Get Shadow Falls:Badlands for FREE on iBooks

In anticipation of the upcoming release of SHADOW FALLS: ANGEL OF DEATH, I’ve decided to make SHADOW FALLS: BADLANDS a free download at Apple’s iBookstore. Just moments ago on Google+, Sean J. O’Neil told me Badlands was one of his favorite things I’ve ever done. Badlands’ sequel, Angel of Death will be available soon, perhaps even as soon as next week, but for now get your read on and check out this dark horror thriller for FREE on iBooks.


Self Publishing Diary: True Believers Wanted

Companies, by nature, are profit-friendly and risk averse, preferring to invest resources into “branded” properties. Common sense dictates that better-branded properties will be more successful. This, however is not always the case. Just look at the box office any given weekend and you’ll see something underperform its expectations.

New releases by branded artists benefit greatly from the hype they generate. Hype is the launchpad for monetization. However hype is an elusive state that is almost always temporary. Hype burns fast and dies away just like lighting a whole pack of matches at once.

The only way to keep that flame going would be to light another pack of matches from the first. Continue lighting pack after pack after pack. Who in their right mind would do that?

People who were dedicated to keeping the flame alive. True believers. A cult.

Indie publishers (like me) don’t have the resources to generate instant hype. My marketing budget isn’t spent with dollars but with time. I post here on Wordsushi, I throw a few tweets out from the @MYN Twitter account. I post on my Facebook profile. Lately, I created my first video book trailer with no budget, just using a great voice over I already had and some free stock footage and a bit of creativity.

Is it working? So far, yes.

With my next round of ebook releases, I’m striving to create and further some cult-worthy franchises that you, the faithful reader will hopefully not only enjoy, but also help further fan the flames for.

Up next, will be SHADOW FALLS: ANGEL OF DEATH, the sequel to SHADOW FALLS: BADLANDS (and as some call it, the third installment of the Shadow Falls saga if you include the original audio drama series).

What some of you already know is that ANGEL OF DEATH and BADLANDS are part of a larger body of work that I’ve been calling THE ANGEL OF DEATH CHRONICLES.

Soon after, I will be releasing two separate ebook versions of TRANSISTOR RODEO. Unlike some of my edgier, blood-soaked tales, TR is a very kid-friendly kinetic adventure about a robot rodeo that goes haywire and runs amok in the city of Los Angeles and the very human broken down cowboy who has to not only save the day but save his young son from danger. The first version will be just text but those of you who heard the serialized audio podcast version will remember the original music score I wrote to go along with it. The second version of TR will be an enhanced ebook that includes sections of the more than 3 hours of cinematic music I wrote, played and a produced.

And yes, there is much, much more on tap including the sequel to DIARY OF A MADMAN and lots of other wild and entertaining books I’m currently developing. As always, I look forward to your thoughts and I continue to be humbled by your support. Let’s keep that flame burning!


Badlands Has a New Cover!

As I was designing the updated cover for the upcoming release of SHADOW FALLS: ANGEL OF DEATH I realized that the cover for SHADOW FALLS: BADLANDS needed a bit of a reboot as well. Because ANGEL OF DEATH is the sequel to BADLANDS, I thought there should be more continuity between the two designs. I also wanted to bring the visual concept of fire and flames a bit more to the forefront because of the great church conflagration that plays a key role in BADLANDS. Though I’m not a designer and primarily do my own covers to save cost (and because I enjoy it), I’m pretty pleased with the way this one came out.

Right now, I’m still tweaking the cover for ANGEL OF DEATH. It’ll be similar to the design seen in the ANGEL OF DEATH “coming soon” announcement post but with a few changes. My editor is finishing up the manuscript and with a little luck, ANGEL OF DEATH will be out very soon.

Stay tuned…