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How to Get THE CHURCH OF INFINITY Audiobook for FREE at Spookshow.tv

The Church of Infinity on Spookshow.tv

As I gear up for the release of my non-fiction thriller VANISHED BEAUTY in a couple of weeks, I’ve decided to give away the audiobook for my demon hunter novel, THE CHURCH OF INFINITY for free over at Spookshow.TV. Previously published as just “INFINITY”, the newly rebranded THE CHURCH OF INFINITY is the first volume in the complete INFINITY SAGA.

All 13 parts of THE CHURCH OF INFINITY audiobook will be available to download starting on Thursday, April 11, with serialized episodes also being made available to stream directly from the site each week!

Infinity Trio

As part of the rebranding, I’ve rolled both Infinity books, THE CHURCH OF INFINITY and INFINITY RISING into one volume, INFINITY (The Complete Saga). So if you like what you hear, you can get the complete saga collection as an audiobook or an eBook.



Diary of a Madman – Listen to Chapter 1 of the Audiobook

DIARY OF A MADMAN is serial killer thriller that is not for the faint of heart. One listen and you’ll understand why. Filled with graphic violence and sex, it’s a tale of darkness and horror that may not only keep you awake at night, but also force you to look at your co-workers in a very different light.

Also, check out the wonderful narration on the Diary of a Madman trailer by the late, great Don LaFontaine.

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Bestseller list: The Madman Bests Dexter and Stephen King…

There are a lot of major, major authors here in the scrum on the audiobook bestseller list for horror and I’m thrilled that DIARY OF A MADMAN has been on it since the day after it came out, competing in this knife fight. These lists are constantly in flux, but for this one moment, regardless of how brief it may eventually be, I can say I’m outselling both Dexter and Stephen King and here’s the screenshot to show it. Hah!


DIARY OF A MADMAN Audiobook Available at iTunes, Audible and Amazon!

Audible Amazon / iTunes

“Dear Diary, Today I slit the throat of a man named Carl Bishop….” What do you do when you can’t stop yourself from killing those who you believe are the scum of society? When the inside information you’re receiving about your targets is coming from a mysterious source seemingly inside of law enforcement? But more importantly, how do you know if you’ve gone insane?

Diary of a Madman is a suspense-filled, splatterpunk symphony of hardcore violence and sex wrapped in a tight-as-nails noir narrative about loss of self. Told in a casual first person style, Diary of a Madman details one man’s fixation with infamous serial killers such as John Wayne Gacy, Harv “The Hammer” Carignan, The Genessee River Killer, and Andrew Cunanan, and his obsession with catching the serial murderer known as the “Interstate Slasher”.

During the day, he hides behind his bland persona as a salesman but outside of the office politics he is very serious about his “hobby.” However, as he kills more victims, his world begins to unravel around him, and what he finds on his murder and sex-fueled journey will shock you right to the very last minute.


ADMIT YOU HATE YOURSELF Audiobook Now at iTunes, Audible and Amazon!


The obstacles in your life do not prevent you from living your life. The obstacles in your life ARE your life.

Are you your own worst enemy? Do you find yourself constantly getting in the way of your own happiness? Then Admit You Hate Yourself is the reality check about your self-image that will arm you with the kind of mental tools you need to get from where you are in life to where you want to be.

Audible / Amazon / iTunes


INFINITY RISING Audiobook Now Available at iTunes, Audible and Amazon


The heart-stopping conclusion to the INFINITY story arc!

An unstoppable assassin from Hell is on a mission to kill Earth’s last living demon hunter before he can find the one artifact capable of opening a door between worlds.

The Church of Infinity is a cult of demon hunters led by the prophet Ranajee who teaches that “Earth is Heaven for Demons”, and that mankind’s end will soon come at the hands of those denizens of Hell who walk among us in human form. His plan, to find an artifact, a rare remnant of the demon’s original world buried deep in the Earth’s soil, capable of opening a door between dimensions and allowing the Church of Infinity’s mercenary army to invade the demonic realm.

Hell has its own plans to stop Ranajee and has sent a highly-trained assassin known as Vengeance to eradicate the Church of Infinity with extreme prejudice. With every other Infinity follower murdered, Ian Augustine, the lone remaining demon hunter has become the hunted. Now he, along with a tough punk princess and Infinity disciple named Rachel, must try to stay one step ahead of Vengeance and survive long enough to get their hands on the artifact so they can trade it for their lives.

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