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The Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff “Secret Societies of Hollywood” Supercut

If you missed “Secret Societies of Hollywood” on E!, here is the MYN SSoH Supercut for your viewing pleasure. There’s one little sound effect they threw in there that just kills me every time. It was a real honor and pleasure to be part of this fast-paced docu-mentertainmet-ary of what goes on behind the scenes in Hollywood and to talk about the sometimes-crazy world behind my book, “Where’s My F*cking Latte”.


Where’s My F****** Latte: Secret Societies of Hollywood on E!

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WMFL-cover-250If you saw me on E! Entertainment’sSECRET SOCIETIES OF HOLLYWOOD” and you’re interested to know more about the crazy, cruel and often times hilariously awful world of being a Hollywood Assistant, pick up a copy of the book that started it all.

WHERE’S MY F*CKING LATTE is not TMZ, but an extremely candid (and sometimes lurid) collection of anecdotes from personal assistants to Tinseltown’s rich, famous and powerful and why being an assistant in Hollywood is the best “worst” job in the world. Plus, it’s been an Amazon bestseller for over 5 years running!

I’m Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff and I was once a Hollywood Assistant like those brave and tortured assistants in WMFL. I could tell you stories that would blow your mind… and it’s all right here in the pages of WHERE’S MY F*CKING LATTE. 

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So now that you’ve watched ”SECRET SOCIETIES OF HOLLYWOOD“, delve deeper into the world of Hollywood assistants with a copy of WMFL… and let me know what you think about the book!

If you enjoy this kind of thing you should check out my latest book, “SPINNING THE RECORD, Sex, Drugs, Rock Stars, Divas and Untold Tales from the Music Biz”

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SPINNING THE RECORD – Crazy Rock Star Stories

Spinning The Record - coverI am so stoked. My latest book, SPINNING THE RECORD, is now available! It’s a collection of crazy rock star and music biz stories very much in the same vein as Where’s My F*cking Latte, so if you enjoyed WMFL, you will absolutely love this new book.

DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS… Sex, drugs, rock stars, divas, d-bags and previously untold stories about some of the biggest acts in music and the crazy things that have happened behind the scenes.

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What happens when someone gets murdered in your hotel while you’re on tour? How do you get backstage at a big rock concert? How much drugs were people in the music business really doing in the 70’s and 80’s? Which superstar artist rented out a whole supermarket after hours?

Rock legend has it that one newly-minted superstar’s career was killed by a single shot — an sniper’s bullet fired through the lens of a camera and broadcast to an eagerly awaiting public through the magic of music video and the television channel that had become the most powerful pop culture engine in modern history. Finally, the truth can be told about what really happened… and the story is pretty hilarious.

Also coming soon to iBooks, Kobo and Google Play!


TV Alert: Secret Societies of Hollywood on E!

Secret Societies of Hollywood

Set your DVRs! You can see me on the E! network documentary special “Secret Societies of Hollywood” talking about the crazy Tinseltown underworld that orbits the lives of Hollywood Assistants. Yes, it’s an interview about my bestselling book, “Where’s My F*cking Latte”, but it’s also much more. It promises to be a fun show so don’t miss it. Because E! standards and practices department wouldn’t allow the “Full Monty” on Latte’s title. It will be supered on the screen as “Where’s My F****** Latte” LOL. At the very least, tune in to see if I had something hanging out of my nose or something.

SECRET SOCIETIES OF HOLLYWOOD airs on Oct 24th at 8pm EST/PST on E! Check your local listings. It also airs again on Saturday Oct 26th at 8pm EST/PST and again sometime on Sunday.


Disintermediation – Listen and Download on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and More!

Disintermediation-final cover

DISINTERMEDIATION (Taking Out the Middleman) is the latest MYN spoken-word audio release and it’s available on iTunes, Amazon and other services (and coming to dozens of more sites around the globe soon). Plus, you can listen now for free on Spotify

Disintermediation on Spotify

This is the first spoken-word “album” I’ve released into the wild and, as opposed to podcasting, I’m thinking about doing more of this kind of thing with audio content in the not-too-distant future.



Tearing Down The Wall #1 Amazon Best Seller in the UK

Tearing Down the Wall #1 on Amazon UKPink Floyd is so iconic and popular to this day that it has its own bestseller list on Amazon UK. And guess who has two thumbs and sits atop that beautiful list?

This guy…

Thank you UK for your continuing support and love for this book and all things that have to do with Pink Floyd and THE WALL!