Marnie Nemcoff was born in Los Angeles and remains an L.A. native. A creative writer since age 4, she has contributed to several local newspapers and has written more recently for a television show. In addition to writing, Nemcoff is an honor roll MBA holder, fitness fanatic, award-winning marketer, and a mom. She is also very involved in her community, serving on Chamber of Commerce Boards as well as the Board for California Jumpstart (financial literacy), and more recently serving as Chair for a project for the local Councilman’s office.

In January of 2010, Marnie woke up one morning to find half of her face paralyzed, only to discover she had become a victim of Bell’s Palsy. After her diagnosis, she wrote a book about her treatment and recovery from this widespread, yet mostly unheard of illness. In 2012, Marnie received her certification as a personal trainer.

So you said yes. Now what? Okay, take a deep breath. This is where the real fun begins. Will you move in together before the wedding? Do you have to lose that last five pounds to fit into your dress? And what about your family, what will they think? Don’t do anything until you read The New Rules of Engagement! All of your anxieties will be thrown out the window (along with your single status!) and you’ll feel like a seasoned pro with a smile on your face throughout the entire process. This book is the perfect gift for any bride-to-be.


You wake up and one side of your face is paralyzed. You can’t blink, can’t smile and your speech is slurred. How and why did this happen? Is it treatable? Is it permanent? Nemcoff recounts her own experiences and treatments and offers tips and advice on how to overcome this sudden and curious disease. From eye care to medication and meditation, you can learn how to remain positive through your journey and in the end, put a smile on your face.

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