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Welcome to the best worst job in the world…Where's My F*cking LatteWHAT IS IT LIKE TO BE A HOLLYWOOD ASSISTANT?

DIRTY LITTLE SECRETS… Every movie and TV star has one. So does every agent and manager. Some producers and studio execs have two or even three. I’m talking about an assistant. Someone to answer your phones, pick up your dry cleaning. Someone to hide your drugs. Your assistant knows what you eat, who you’re sleeping with and what medications you’re taking. They listen in on your phone calls. They are the eyes and ears of Hollywood… and occasionally they talk. Culled from dozens of interviews with former and current Hollywood assistants, Where’s My F*cking Latte is a no-holds barred insider’s look at what really goes on behind Tinseltown’s closed doors.


I can tell you firsthand that what goes on behind-the-scenes of Hollywood’s glittering facade is usually shocking, insane and full of sex. Where’s My F*cking Latte perfectly captures the abusive and often hysterically unbelievable world of celebs and Tinseltown power-brokers and the culture of excess and entitlement they live in. Two thumbs WAY, WAY UP!
Daniella Cracknell, Publicist to many of TV’s iconic stars from Dick Clark, Howie Mandel, Geraldo Rivera, Mario Lopez to name a few…

“This book is a hilarious (and terrifying) read for anyone who works in– or wants to work in– the entertainment industry.”
- CHAD GERVICH, TV Producer and author of “Small Screen, Big Picture: A Writer’s Guide to the TV Business”