…because THE KILLING OF OSAMA BIN LADEN contains certain details about the courier, the way SEAL Team Six trained for their black bag mission, along with what seems to me like “classified” intel on what modifications were made to the Black Hawk helicopters to make them “stealth”, this book reads like it was written by someone with a fairly high security clearance. I am no expert of CIA intelligence operations but I have to believe that either Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff is one heck of a researcher or he is getting his information from sources inside the government or the U.S. Military. I would bet there will be phones ringing at the Pentagon or inside the Beltway once word of this book gets out.


My pulse is racing… Five Stars
Anthony Carcieri, Amazon reviewer

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THE KILLING OF OSAMA BIN LADEN is a concise and detail-rich telling of the historic manhunt for the world’s number one most-wanted terrorist.

The courier was the key. A mid-level al-Qaeda operative who played a small part in the planning of the 9/11 attacks and was with Bin Laden when he escaped the battle of Tora Bora. Find out who the courier was, and how with one phone call, he eventually led the CIA to Bin Laden’s fortress-like mansion in the affluent suburbs of Abbottabad, Pakistan. Years after the trail had gone cold, Osama Bin Laden, was once again within our sights. Finally the largest manhunt in U.S. counterterrorism history was headed to its singular and bloody conclusion if only the President and his team could figure out how to get him before he vanished once again.

The gut punch Osama Bin Laden landed on 9/11 still stings. What he took from country on that terrible day can never be replaced, nor can the lives of the thousands of innocent men, women and children murdered in the name of some crusade. And even though it will still be a long time until we Americans fully heal from the pain of the worst terrorist attacks on our soil, we can rest assured that the man who became the epitome of evil in the modern world will never do this again.

This commemorative ebook edition of the events that led to Bin Laden’s death includes details about the courier whose phone call doomed the al-Qaeda leader and the detective work that led the CIA to the front door of his fortress-like mansion compound in an affluent neighborhood of suburban Pakistan.

Yes, it’s a short book, but it’s filled with lots of little details about “stealth helicopters”, the courier, how SEAL Team Six trained for the mission and what the CIA did to find Osama Bin Laden using old-fashioned detective work!

You can’t go wrong picking this book up FOR JUST 99 CENTS!