His heart hammered in his throat, stealing breath with every muted beat of thunder. From here he could see the body slumped in the road, its open mouth gently filling with rain…

The year is 1986. Ex-KGB agent Figen Dimyarian has come to Boston with British spies on his tail, a hundred million in stolen Russian funds, and enough insider information to turn a fortune on the stock market. He’s become enamored with the American lifestyle and with Hannah, a sexy bombshell with a secret of her own. Across town, burnt out 28 year-old lawyer Alex Chase is pushing paper for his firm’s largest client, EoGen Pharmaceuticals. Alex has discovered something is very wrong with Marpax, EoGen’s next big drug, and the people who stand to profit from it want very much to keep it a secret. But who can he trust? Everyone at the firm seems out to get him, including Hope, a power hungry associate and Alex’s former bedmate. When Alex learns that someone is killing off subjects in Marpax’s FDA testing, and those people intend to murder Hope as well, he puts his life on the line for her. Alone and against all odds, he turns to the only one who can help—Figen, the same “imaginary friend” now on the run for his very own existence.



“A deft financial thriller. Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff writes like a man who’s been plundering and pillaging Wall Street for years!”

-STEPHEN POLLAN, bestselling author (Die Broke, Fire Your Boss)

“Great characters, clever writing. This books rocks!”

-PHILLIP RHEE, action movie producer, director, star (Best of the Best)

“Very visual and well-paced. A guilty pleasure on a Sunday afternoon.”

-DEBORA IYALL, lead singer ROMEO VOID (“Never Say Never”)


If you like conspiracies, this is a tale you will enjoy. There are several conspiracies going on at once, at odds with each other. Almost every character is working toward some private end that means power and loads of money. Perhaps, money only in some cases, but their conniving is interesting to watch as they wend their ways, bumping up against each other’s intents.

Russian Figen Dimyarian is here to use the stock market to make money, English secret investigators are following him, The SEC is looking into certain brokers suspected of insider trading, Alex Chase finds himself involved because of his friendship with Nero Barnes and Hope, hir former lover.

Death and ruin stalk them as they, with the exception of Alex, stalk each other and money in the millions. One man tries to outsmart another, women play the same game, and they can all end up victims. Even Alex winds up a victim because he’s in love with Hope who has dumped him for someone with more drive and greed.

Betrayal runs through this tale, serving as the bond that ties the various characters together and makes the story move. A story that thriller fans will find full of excitement and surprises as one character tries to outdo the others. Recommended as a fun read.

-Review by Anne K. Edwards 08/16/05