DIARY OF A MADMAN is a splatterpunk symphony of horror wrapped in a tight-as-nails noir narrative about loss of self. Told in a casual first person style, DIARY OF A MADMAN details one man’s fixation with infamous serial killers such as John Wayne Gacy, Harv “The Hammer” Carignan, The Genessee River Killer and Andrew Cunanan and his obsession with catching the serial murderer known as the “Interstate Slasher”. During the day, he hides behind his bland persona as a salesman but outside of the office politics he is very serious about his “hobby”. However, as he kills more victims his world begins to unravel around him and what he finds on his murder and sex-fueled journey will shock you right to the very last page.

What listeners are saying on iTunes about DIARY OF A MADMAN

Wonderfully Delicious – A Window Into the Darkness. The author/narrator truly captures the deviancy of a serial killer’s mind, heart and soul. The author paints an authentic profile of a killer. It appears the author has done a commendable job on his research. As a professor of child psychology, with a strong interest in violent behavior disorders, I enjoyed peering inside the mind (while fictional) of a serial killer. Thank you, Mark.  -JamesPh.D.

…His precise knowledge of human physiology lends an almost Tom-Clancy-like second-by-second suspense to the actual description of this murderous efficiency, which is very very chiling (Nemcoff must have some medical traiing)… this book was an unexpected guilty pleasure, and I found myself checking my earbuds to make sure no one was overhearing his wickedly delicious narrative. -stacy_a_lbc

I have to say the first chapter threw me for a loop. The detail of the murders and the language were a bit unsettling. After the second chapter… I have become addicted to the book. The description, from the point of view of a killer, is definitely colorful, insightful and entertaining. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a beautifully written thriller. -BOLESE

WOW! Truly twisted and unavoidably addicting. -Fergibaby