Updated Pink Floyd Holiday Gift Guide for 2013

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Updated for 2013, find that special gift for the Pink Floyd fan in your life.

DARKSIDE, TOM STOPPARD – A PLAY FOR RADIO INCORPORATING THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOON BY PINK FLOYDImagine an abstract and compelling audio drama influenced directly by (and utilizing) the music from DSOM. Holy cow, right? This was created this year by BBC Radio 2 to rave, rave reviews–including a raves from David Gilmour and Nick Mason!

PINK FLOYD: BEHIND THE WALLA brand new history of the band, including Roger Waters’ latest Wall Tour, illustrated with more than 250 images, including live performance and candid off-stage photographs, as well as rare memorabilia like gig posters, concert tees, picture sleeves, backstage passes, buttons, and ticket stubs, this is the kind of book that every Floyd fan will want on their shelf.

Ready to go beyond just the music of Pink Floyd? INSIDE OUT: A Personal History of Pink Floyd by drummer Nick Mason is a fascinating read that goes back to the earliest days of the band back when Nick, Roger Waters and Richard Wright were all schoolmates, through the early heydays with Syd Barrett and of course everything else. Told in a wonderful casual pace in Nick’s own words, it’s a one-of-a kind documentation from the man who was not only the actual inspiration for ‘Animal’ from the Muppets, but the cornerstone of the rhythm section for the band since the very beginning.  Just a heads up, INSIDE OUT is a bit hard to find, but there are copies out there if you look hard enough.
TEARING DOWN THE WALL: The Contemporary Guide to Decoding Pink Floyd – The Wall One Brick at a Time is a must-read for any serious Pink Floyd fan. This is an engrossing book that reveals all the hidden meanings, messages and Easter eggs in one of the greatest rock albums of all time and lays it out in vivid detail so you can understand what kind of amazing mind-trip THE WALL is truly all about. It’s a great read that not just only puts the magnifying glass on the philosophical side of THE WALL, but allows the reader to revel in the absolute genius of its creator, Roger Waters. ($2.99 ebook/$8.99 paperback) 

THE FLAMING COW: THE MAKING OF PINK FLOYD’S ATOM HEART MOTHER -Available with never-before-published material and photographs, an unflinching insider’s account of what really happened during and after recording sessions of Atom Heart Mother

The story behind Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother is one of brilliant but often fraught collaboration between the band and composer Ron Geesin, and here Geesin tells the full story. From the time drummer Nick Mason visited Geesin’s damp basement apartment in Notting Hill, to the last game of golf between bassist Roger Waters and Geesin, this book is an unflinching account about how one of Pink Floyd’s most celebrated compositions came to life.


Walking hammers, baby. ‘Nuff said. I snagged one of these when I saw “The Wall” tour in L.A. in 2010. Love it. It stands out and those hammers are undeniably awesome. I think it’s cool because it’s not at all like most of the Pink Floyd T-shirts out there.

And while we’re talking about T’s….

PINK FLOYD DIVISION BELL TIE DYE TEEI read somewhere that Roger Waters claims that the weird face on The Division Bell’s cover is actually supposed to be his face. I dunno. I don’t really see it. But I dig this shirt a lot.

THE WALL – Immersion Box Set: (About $125) The complete artistic experience.  Lavishly packaged in a sturdy 29cm square box, the sets contain remastered, previously unreleased and audio-visual material, plus much additional content – reproduced memorabilia, brand new graphics, art prints, collectors’ items, lavish booklets and more.

DISCS 1&2 – CDs 1&2 The Wall digitally remastered by James Guthrie, 2011. DISCS 3&4 – CDs 3&4 The Wall album demos (previously unreleased) DISCS 5&6 – CDs 5&6 Is There Anybody Out There: The Wall Live (digitally remastered in 2011 by James Guthrie) DISC 7 – DVD, AUDIO VISUAL Another Brick In The Wall pt2 promotional video – restored in 2011, Behind The Wall documentary, Gerald Scarfe Interview,  Short filmed extract of Earls Court concert featuring animation, 44 page 27cm x 27cm booklet designed by Storm Thorgerson, Exclusive photo book, 27cm x 27cm Exclusive Storm Thorgerson Art Print, 5 x Collectors’ Cards featuring art and comments by Storm Thorgerson, Replica of The Wall Tour Ticket, Replica of The Wall Backstage Pass, Scarf, Prints/Cards of Mark Fisher’s stage drawings, 3 x white marbles with design of bricks, 9 x Coasters (unique to this box) featuring early Storm Thorgerson design sketches, 4-8 page credits booklet. That’s a lot of Pink Floyd stuff in one big package. You should also check out the DARK SIDE OF THE MOON – Immersion Box Set and of course the WISH YOU WERE HERE – Immersion Box Set as well. 

If you’re looking for something a bit less expensive, but still really cool. Check out the Dark Side of the Moon Experience VersionFor a fraction of the price you get expanded versions of the classic album in a Digipak bonus disc format.  Included are the original remastered album, a disc of additional material and an expanded CD booklet, so you’re getting the same two discs as the Immersion set containing the James Guthrie remaster of the album on disc one along with an beautifully sounding performance of DSOM performed live in concert back in 1974 on the other (About $21). And yes, also available is THE WALL – Experience Version (which includes bonus demo versions of the album) and WISH YOU WERE HERE – Experience VersionThere are lots of other Pink Floyd Albums to choose from, but you can find all 14 original Studio albums painstakingly digitally remastered by James Guthrie (co-producer of The Wall), and are reissued with newly crafted packaging and booklets created by the band’s long-time artwork collaborator Storm Thorgerson in the Pink Floyd Discovery Box Set. (About $170). 16 total CD’s! 

Nearly as iconic as the music from THE WALL is the artwork of Gerald Scarfe. Famous for his political cartoons, Scarfe’s artwork became synonymous with THE WALL and you can read his account of what it was like to work with Roger and the band on creating those amazing avant garde animations such as the walking hammers and the schoolmaster in THE MAKING OF PINK FLOYD THE WALL (about $20). Of course it includes all that gorgeous artwork, including early demo sketches and more.

Conceived by French director Adrian Maben as “an anti-Woodstock film,” Pink Floyd: Live at Pompeii was shot in October 1971 in a vacant, 2,000-year-old amphitheater–a venue chosen to accentuate the grandeur and spaciousness of the band’s Meddle-era music. This disc contains a new, 90-minute director’s cut as well as the original 60-minute concert film, whose production and effects feel inescapably dated. Maben’s cut goes to great lengths to lend the film a more contemporary feel, but it’s the earlier version that makes this disc such a gem, being more focused on the music and more wholistic in vision. The anamorphic, 16:9 director’s cut interweaves the Pompeii performances with fascinating but distracting interviews and music snippets filmed later (mostly during the recording of Dark Side of the Moon). The movie was originally prepared in a 4:3 aspect ratio, however, and the widescreen version crops perfectly framed images like the nine-square mosaic of drummer Nick Mason in “One of These Days.” The original offers plenty of closeups of fingers on frets and keys, with shots that are often luxuriously long in duration. And the picture quality from Pompeii is revelatory: outstandingly sharp and clear, rich in subtle grades of light and color. (about $20). 

What about some cool wall art? Pink Floyd Posters make an interesting addition to any room’s drab decor. Posters, in general are pretty inexpensive ($3 to $8) and in an age where CD covers and mp3 thumbnails don’t really do justice, a nice 24×36″ blowup does the trick.

How about a set of 6 Pink Floyd Album Cover Shot Glasses (about $21) to bring a little PF magic to your home bar? 







 Or this cool set of Pink Floyd Wooden Drink Coasters (about $10) for your next social gathering?

One of the things I do whenever I go on vacation is bring back a coffee mug, that way I when I drink my morning cup of joe, I get reminded of the things I love every day. Here’s a chance to show off your love of Pink Floyd around the office with this Dark Side of the Moon Ceramic Mug (about $10).

For that guitarist who is looking to capture that Pink Floyd feel and sound, there is the Fender Custom Shop David Gilmour Signature model (about $4,300)

But if over four grand is out of range, you can still get up close and personal with David’s famous black strat with the book, Pink Floyd – The Black Strat: A History of David Gilmour’s Black Fender Stratocaster – Revised and Updated 3rd Edition(about $22) The Black Strat book tells the official chronological story of Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour’s favourite legendary Black Stratocaster from 1970 to the present. Written by Phil Taylor – David’s personal guitar technician and the band’s chief backline tech since 1974 – the only person to know Pink Floyd’s equipment better than the band themselves. 

But don’t fret (pun intended) you can still get your hands on that David Gilmour custom tone with EMG DG20 David Gilmour Wired Pickguard, which is the same custom wired setup David Gilmour has on his red strat. (about $300). 

If you ever wondered what happened to original Pink Floyd singer and songwriter, Syd Barrett after he was kicked out of the band, check out his solo album, The Madcap LaughsThis import CD is a piece of Floyd-related music history that not all fans know about so it makes an awesome gift especially for fans of early Pink Floyd. Recorded mostly right before and after Syd was institutionalized in a mental hospital, The Madcap Laughs even include cameos by Roger Waters and David Gilmour who were recruited by the producers in desperation to help their friend Syd finish the album. Syd fans will also appreciate these other Syd Barret albums. 




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