TV Alert: Secret Societies of Hollywood on E!

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Secret Societies of Hollywood

Set your DVRs! You can see me on the E! network documentary special “Secret Societies of Hollywood” talking about the crazy Tinseltown underworld that orbits the lives of Hollywood Assistants. Yes, it’s an interview about my bestselling book, “Where’s My F*cking Latte”, but it’s also much more. It promises to be a fun show so don’t miss it. Because E! standards and practices department wouldn’t allow the “Full Monty” on Latte’s title. It will be supered on the screen as “Where’s My F****** Latte” LOL. At the very least, tune in to see if I had something hanging out of my nose or something.

SECRET SOCIETIES OF HOLLYWOOD airs on Oct 24th at 8pm EST/PST on E! Check your local listings. It also airs again on Saturday Oct 26th at 8pm EST/PST and again sometime on Sunday.


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  1. windyblue says:

    I watch this show today, and wow, what an eye opener to the stars in Hollywood. They are a piece of work, anything for a dollar. and I can bet they are not worth knowing. They must be all stuck up and snobs. They have big houses and money but after that to me they are zeros. Me I wait for the movies to come out they make on TV. If I buy one its on DVD, But go to the movies no way. I can be half of them have no clue how to cook or clean a house and I doubt they do it. And raising there children is done by a nanny. Keep up the great work, Many more people and especially teenagers need to see these stars for what they really are, Get the real picture.

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