The Wall by Pink Floyd: What Does it Mean?

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The+Wall++high+resolution+pngLast night, I was at a party and someone asked me what “The Wall” was all about? “Fear,” I told him. “It’s about the fears we all feel and how fear can destroy you and the world around you.”

“In a way, it’s a manifesto for understanding that you’re as messed up as everyone else and learning how to get your shit together,” I said. He replied that he had only listened to “The Wall” once and didn’t understand it. I’ve spoken to people who say that whenever they listen to “The Wall,” it depresses them.

That’s exactly the kind of album it is supposed to be. This isn’t the trifling kind of music they make today, where everything is about a beat and everyone’s trying to be way too cool at the nightclub. “The Wall” confuses you and depresses you because it turns a twisted mirror on you. It touches something in your soul that you don’t even understand because the connections to these very human and primal fears of abandonment, despair and depression are so raw.

That’s why I wrote this book. For years, I’ve been analyzing “The Wall” and taking note of how it utilizes so many different nearly subliminal tricks to create an impression on the listener. Once I began to piece it together and saw it all in context, it completely recalibrated my understanding of how creative masterpieces are constructed and the depth of thought that goes into them.

On the surface, “The Wall” may seem just like a story about a rock star who takes drugs and goes mad. That’s just the facade to draw you in. The real story is buried underneath and, like life, is made up of many layers. What it all means when you really look at it, will blow your mind.

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