Pandora Stock Plummets After Blake Morgan E-Mails Go Public

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Today, Pandora lost roughly $120 MILLION in value, dropping 5% in the first hour of trading on Wall Street.  Why, you ask?

Yesterday, the Huffington Post picked up the Pandora/Blake Morgan story that was first broken here on Wordsushi six days ago on May 1HuffPo picked up on the groundswell and ran with the continuing saga

Huffington Post Blake Morgan Pandora Splashgiving it a huge splash on their Tech homepage as well as a video. And then keeping it on the Tech page where it became a HOT social media item, gaining over 3,000 likes in just about a day. All I can tell you is that people, very influential people in Washington D.C. and in the music biz are buzzing about this Blake Morgan/Tim Westergren exchange, and about Pandora’s hypocrisy… and it looks like Wall Street is beginning to notice, too…

Pandora Hypocricy HuffPo Story Blake Morgan

$120 million is a LOT of money to lose in one day. You have to believe that Tim Westergren and the entire Pandora board has to be shitting a brick right now.

There’s more to come…. stay tuned… This story has legs because it’s about the sweatshop-like exploitation of musicians who are being taken advantage of by a company pretending to have their best interest at heart… and now that the truth is being revealed, I have a feeling we’re going to be hearing a lot more about this story in the days and weeks to come…




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