One of My Scripts Being Developed as a Reboot for “Best of the Best” Movie Franchise

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best of the best
Recently, a major production company with some well-known titles under their belt optioned a script Phillip Rhee and I wrote and developed together at the end of 2004 called, “Champions” — a very inventive, fun, and action-filled, martial arts/sports movie that has an extremely cool signature concept to it. The new production company has hired a writer they know to rewrite it and update it with the intention of using it to reboot Phillip Rhee’s signature series “Best of the Best” as a major motion picture franchise.

One of the few Hollywood people I know who is not a dick is Phillip Rhee, the writer, creator and sometimes director of the cult-classic “Best of the Best” movies that always seem to be on cable somewhere. Phillip’s a friend, a really good guy, and he and I have collaborated on developing many script projects over the years.

There was even a period of time in what feels like my previous life that all I was writing were scripts on assignment from Phillip’s production company. As I’ve previously written about in the foreword for my last-hitman-standing thriller “Number One with a Bullet,” we had optioned that script to some bigwig and yada, yada, yada… Thing is, along with his other endeavors and businesses, he was putting all of these projects into play and continued to even as I fell face-first into new media and that whole Sirius/podcasting/TV part of my life and then into publishing, etc.

Screen Shot 2013-03-27 at 10.01.57 PMSo what does this all mean? No clue at this point and I’m not going to speculate publicly, because this news and a buck fifty will get you bus fare. I have a signed contract that covers the work I’ve done, its future disposition, etc… and I know what it says. Now, we wait.

So, stay tuned. If anything should come of this at all, I’ll let you know. As the late, greatl Don LaFontaine would have said: In a world where tons of scripts get developed, this is one of them… 



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  1. Good luck. Great story. I was recently reminder that 2004 is almost A DECADE AGO!

  2. Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff says:

    Seems like a lifetime ago. When you think of it in Internet years, it’s like 5 lifetimes ago.

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