MediaWeek article on the MoShow!

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It continues to be a bit of a strange learning curve for me. It’s one thing that we’re launching a TV show in a way that defies the usual way that television is created but it’s just been crazy. Mostly because of the holidays, our website hasn’t been set up (don’t blame me, it’s not my responsibility) and our publicist has been keeping us from talking up the show until this MediaWeek article on the MoShow came out. Pretty cool. They put a fucking hyphen in my name because there had to be at least one inaccuracy in the article but I’m pretty stoked. I kind of was hoping they’d say more about the content of the show–I heard the reporter who interviewed our show creator Frank Chindamo loved the episode he saw but you can’t beat national coverage.

Now, if people can find the show on their TV, we’ll be all set.

But then again, this is just the beginning of this journey. This week, we’ll be shooting at CES. Who knows what kind of crazy shit might happen?


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