A Sneak Peek at Wordsushi Vol. 1

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A magazine! Here’s a sneak peek at the first cover of WORDSUSHI VOL 1. I’m planning to release this as a free downloadable enhanced magazine that will contain not just text but audio, video, photos and more. Instead of distributing my new media content via podcast, I will be making it available through this publication from my company, Glenneyre Press.

I’m starting to put together the content now and with a little luck you’ll see this drop sometime in November. More info to come… Leave a comment with any ideas or suggestions if you wish.


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  1. Luke D.B. says:

    Hell yeah… I love when that demented mind of yours gets goin. Let the gears of insanity keep on grinding! Cant wait to see/hear the product. I love your books, Radion MYN kicked much ass and Im sure this will be no different. As a mad genius once told me “Go forth and kick some motha fuckin ass!” or somethin like that.

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