About MYN

Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff has worn many hats. He has written several bestselling books, been featured on TV’s hit “Access Hollywood”, as well as E! Entertainment’s special “Secret Societies of Hollywood” and “The Soup”. In the August 2006 issue, Playboy Magazine described his comedy work as a combination of Jon Stewart meets Trey Parker, calling his smash hit podcast and Sirius Satellite Radio show, Pacific Coast Hellway, “The world’s most offensively enlightened podcast”.

As a professional voice over artist, he has voiced over 2,000 commercials and videos for Sprint, Samsung, Calvin Klein, GE, Mastercard, AT&T, Google, Bank of America, Disneyland, Mentos, Lowes, FedEx, NATO, Heineken, Uber, Ford, The Coca Cola Company, IKEA and dozens of brands around the world.

In addition, he has hosted a TV series, written for TV, and after graduating from Berklee College of Music, he started a business composing original music for several TV series, custom music for The 1994 Winter Olympics on CBS, along with creating epic cinematic-style scores for hit video games “Project Overkill” and “Mission Critical”.

He also builds custom microphones for voice over and music.

Mark currently resides in Los Angeles.